Spoons #19

18:00 - 20:00
dinsdag, 14 januari 2020

Voorstraat 71
3512 AK Utrecht

Hey everyone, 

The next Spoons gathering will be on the 14th of January from 6 to 8 pm at ACU (Voorstraat 71). I hope to see you there where we can together take a vacation from the winter vacation! 

Because the new format of Spoons has been working out very well - with simply creating a safe space and letting people share without imposing a theme - I won't be sending out these e-mails as frequently any more. Usually Spoons is on the second Tuesday of each month. For the next few months that means: 14th of January, 11th of February, 10th of March, 14th of April, 12th of May, and 9th of June. So save those dates and if there are any changes I will send out an e-mail. 

Take care,