Spoons Utrecht


Deconstructing Spoons

This next Spoons meeting, let's break things down - instead of a theme, a set agenda, and specific activities, let's each bring something to the table and decide how to spend the two hours we have together. Feel free to share what's happening in your life, bring a resource, or pitch an idea. I'm very curious to see what a deconstructed, DIY Spoons would look like. 

Spoons #16 - Digital Connectivity

Hey everyone,


The next meeting of Spoons is going to be about digital connectivity and mental well-being. How has access to technology affected you? Are we really more connected, and if so, how? We would love to host a space where we can discuss these themes!

The meeting is from 6pm to 8pm at ACU (Voorstraat 71), on the 8th of October. Bring your friends!

As always, feel free to e-mail with any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

Spoons x Mad Pride crossover!

Hello darlings,

The next Spoons event is one I'm really excited about: we are joining forces with Mad Pride NL to talk about neurodiversity and the idea of being proud of our differences, and about the politics and power relations in the GGZ world. A wonderful opportunity to get to know this amazing organization, grow support networks, and bask in some mad pride. So put it in your calendar: the 10th of September from 6pm to 8pm in ACU.

I hope to see you there! 

Spoons #14 – Culture + One Year Anniversary

Can you believe that it’s been a whole year since Spoons started? It has been an amazing experience running the group, meeting great people, and learning new things every single time. After the next meeting in August, let’s sit down for some cake to celebrate and think about the next steps. The input and ideas of members of the group is invaluable for keeping the sessions fresh, relevant, and running smoothly!