Het noodlijdende Weglaufhaus Berlin mag niet ten onder gaan!

In een wereld vol repressie hebben veel wegloophuizen voor mensen die weglopen uit de psychiatrie, het financieel zwaar. Staten stoppen hun financiële steun en het bredere publiek vindt het wel prima als de doelgroep lekker 'binnen blijft'. In Nederland hebben we na die repressiegolf nog maar 1 wegloophuis over. Maar in Duitsland zit het enige wegloophuis ondertussen in zwaar weer. In een wereld waarin alles om winst en regeren draait, is de grond nog maar weinig vruchtbaar voor de zaden van de vrijheid.

Hoe kan ik helpen?

Je kunt direct doneren naar onderstaand bankrekeningnummer met de opmerking 'donation Weglaufhaus'. Of je kunt je eventuele kennis over financiers delen met het Wegloophuis. Dit kan door te mailen naar: weglaufhaus@web.de. Je kunt ook je eigen benefietactiviteit organiseren voor het Wegloophuis. Wij willen daar graag bij helpen indien nodig.

Account Owner: Association for the Protection against Psychiatric Violence e.V.
IBAN: DE66 1005 0000 1150 0184 50

Het Wegloophuis mag niet verdwijnen!
Voor een vrije samenleving!
Hier staat de originele tekst van het Wegloophuis Berlijn:

Dear All,

The self-managed Weglaufhaus "Villa Stöckle", the only explicitly antipsychiatric housing project for homeless people in crisis in Germany, which exists since 1996, is threatened in its continued existence. At the current time, continued operation is only guaranteed for a further half a year if the course is favorable.

How did that happen?
The Weglaufhaus is the only project of our association - the Association for the Protection against Psychiatric Violence e.V. - which has a social law financing agreement with the Berlin Senate Administration. In addition, all club activities rely on donations. The financing agreement with the Berlin Senate Administration is fundamentally precarious or shaky: Our housing project is optimally financed per inhabitant in / per day of stay in the Weglaufhaus by the social housing assistance of the responsible social welfare offices.

Unfortunately, in recent years, various developments have led to a spike in our revenues and a gradual increase in our spending. In addition to (shorter) phases in which only a few people lived in the Weglaufhaus, we were often confronted with the fact that even longer stays of residents were not financed by the responsible social welfare offices. We are in a confused practice contradiction, which springs from our - in the short and medium term and probably not to change long term - financing agreement with the Berlin Senate Administration: fewer residents = equal less revenue, decrease in funding by the relevant social welfare offices = unpaid stays of residents inside. Unfortunately, we were unable to increase our daily rates or change our funding base. On the other hand, there are rising expenses: In addition to necessary major maintenance and renovation expenses forced us the increased tax burden and rising cost of living in Berlin increased spending, among other things. Accordingly, our reserves have shrunk considerably in recent months.

Increasingly adverse social conditions are increasingly affecting the work of our self-governing project. Neoliberal administrative restructuring in the state aid system, stricter bureaucratic requirements, the unbroken dominance of the (social) psychiatric order and the increasing poverty, homelessness and exclusion of many of our residents as a result of the unremitting emergence of social domination and power relations often make us despair. Sometimes we try to find a way of dealing with the limiting circumstances, often unfortunately at the expense of personal overload.

In the past few years, it was therefore often no longer possible for us to do public relations and alliance work. In our day-to-day effort to keep the "shop running" in order to be able to offer people in need an alternative source of support in the future, we have often crossed our own borders. We have (necessarily) failed to inform the interested public about the precarious and shaky nature of our situation and the importance of (regular) financial support in the form of donations or patents and political cooperation.

In this emergency situation, we address you / you - the interested public, politically active and, above all, psychiatric-critical * antipsychiatric projects, initiatives and fellow combatants - to ask for support:

  • To share knowledge about possibilities of financial acquisition for a social institution of our kind / small association
  • Make donations of any amount to the following account

Account Owner: Association for the Protection against Psychiatric Violence e.V.
IBAN: DE66 1005 0000 1150 0184 50

We would be pleased, if through this call the contact to the other projects could become more / more intensified again or new contacts could emerge. We continue to look forward to sharing our call and "promoting" our cause. We are looking forward to the next months.